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DragonHide Concealment LLC now offering Level 2 Hooded holsters. These holsters offer the same click in retention with the added security of a thumb break hood. These holsters are great for a battle belt set up. These holsters are designed and formed from in house molds with in house, custom made blocking to attach to either a G-Code RTI quick dethatch platform, or the popular Safariland QLS quick detach system. We also have custom blocking to cover your Red Dot Sight. The red dot sight will be covered on 3 sides. Our Level 2 Holsters are made with .125 thick kydex for that extra durability when training, duty, or range days need that extra toughness. Choose your options below and get yours ordered today!!

Holster Features

  • Click in Retention on the trigger guard. For light bearing holsters, the retention is on the light. **(Does not have a thumb release draw retention mechanism)**
  • Level 2 Spring Loaded hood from Spetz Gear Gen2
  • Detachable platform for your choice of G-Code RTI or Safariland QLS systems
  • Option for Red Dot Sight covering. The Red Dot Sight Cover is a formed section of the holster that covers the Red Dot Sight on 3 sides.
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Options for multiple weapon and light combinations
  • Can be for Duty Use if your Department Policy allows this type of holster retention system.

**For LEO or Security Professionals, please refer to your department policies to verify that these comply with your department standards.*** 

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