My Venture in to the Kydex Holster World

 My name is Larry Jenkins. I am the owner/operator and sole employee of DragonHide Concealment LLC. Every holster is hand made by me. I vacuum form the majority of my holsters, but I also use a foam press for custom build. All my holsters are handled by me. NO CNC cutters, or other fancy cutters in my shop yet. I still mold, cut, and shape all my holsters after the press by hand.

I started this small business  as a hobby. I am a active police officer and my department had issued us new Gen 5 Glock 19 duty weapons. I was searching YouTube for holster reviews for a new off-duty holster when I found a video called "Make your own Kydex holster". So I clicked the link and watched the video. Seemed pretty simple. Heat some plastic, wrap it around a gun and press it. Eureka!!!I had a new hobby idea to take my mind off of the normal day to day grind of the police job.

 After about a week I had finally received my order of materials. I had a toaster oven and had built myself a press. I could not wait to heat that kydex and make a sexy new holster to show all my friends…….Yeah……so, I went through the material order pretty fast and still didn’t have that sexy new holster to show all my friends. Keep in mind, I’m in law enforcement, and I’m surrounded by serious gun guys and gals, and serious holster critics. I had bragged for weeks about how I was going to make them the best holster they had ever had!!

Finally, after another material order, I got a “holster” pressed. Man, on man was I proud of that batwing looking pile of scorched kydex crap!! Haha. However, I took that piece of crap holster and I learned from it. Watched more videos. I scorched more kydex. I made friends in the holster industry that were willing to help me and give me tips and tricks to hone my skills as a holster maker. I’m still learning something every day in the shop. It’s weird that the stress of trying to make a working holster was a stress relief from the day to day operations in the LEO world.

So here I am today, a little over two years after that first scorched, batwing, looking piece of crap, lots of money spent on materials, tools, and equipment, numerous hours of learning and making holsters trial and error, to get the product I trust and use daily now. I won’t sit here and tell you my holsters are the best kydex holsters on the market. I don’t believe any holster companies can honestly make that claim. But I will tell you I trust my gear. I use it daily. I work with several men and women that use and trust my gear daily, and I have sold many holsters to people around the nation that trust and use my gear daily. I take pride in my holsters, I love what I do, and I won’t send a holster out of my shop unless it’s the type of quality that I would use to protect my family, myself, and my co-workers with on a daily basis.

Thank you to everyone that has stopped by my page to look at my gear, I appreciate all of you!! Stay safe.


 Larry Jenkins


DragonHide Concealment LLC